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alli notes - Appetites endeavors that incline you towards...

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Morality: obligations (things we ought to do) Ought Can Ought to do x can either do x or not do x, free to do/ not do x Moral Responsibility Freedom Questions If so, what kind of freedom? 2. Do we have (any reason to think we have) that kind of freedom? Does it even make sense to think we might have that kind of freedom? Is the idea that we’re free in that sense coherent? Hobbes 1588-1679 Leviathon 1651 Mechanism: Seeing the natural world as a causal system following certain mechanical laws- laws of motion Voluntary Motion: to move in a way that is first fancied in our minds. Fancy: (imagine) little motions in us, caused by the decaying motions of sensation Sensation: motions in us caused by the motions of the objects we see, hear, touch Endeavor: a fancy that leads to voluntary motion.
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Unformatted text preview: Appetites: endeavors that incline you towards the original cause of the sensation Aversions: endeavors that incline you away from it Deliberation: a sequence of alternating appetites and aversions culminating in either doing the act or not Free Will: if by “free will” we mean “uncaused”, then free will is like round square Will: the last appetite or aversion in deliberation leading you to do or omit the act. In state of nature: “Good”- what we desire “Evil”- what we hate Under a government: Good- what is permitted/ approved of by authority Evil- what is prohibited by authority I may do what I like, or whats in my self interest, even if all I do just follows causal laws But: theres no good/evil in the acts themselves; no real moral obligations...
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alli notes - Appetites endeavors that incline you towards...

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