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Psychology 110, Dr. Carver Sample Study Questions for Test 1 1 How is psychology defined? Why do some psychologists place such an emphasis on the idea of “behavior”? From what older branch of inquiry did psychology evolve? What is the difference between introspectionists and behaviorists? Is either of these views still influential today? What are the following specialized branches of psychology about?: physiological, developmental, clinical, personality, social, perceptual, cognitive, organizational. What is a psychiatrist? What is a psychoanalyst? How does each of these differ from psychologists? Is psychology a science? What does it mean to be a science? If you wanted to claim that some particular psychologist was a scientist, what would you use as evidence for that claim? What are some of the difficulties that arise when you draw a general conclusion from one single observation? What are the meanings of the terms reliability, validity, generality, and objectivity, as applied to the measurement of behavior? What is a variable? What’s the difference between a variable and a value? What are two kinds of relationships we might discover by research? What does a correlation tell you? What does it not tell you? In what range of values can a correlation fall? How do you tell the strength of a correlation, and what does strength mean? How do you tell the direction of a correlation, and what does that mean? What is an experiment? What is an independent variable? What is a dependent variable? What is experimental control? What are the two defining characteristics of an experiment that allow you to distinguish experiments from correlational studies?
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Study_Questions_Test1 - Psychology 110, Dr. Carver Sample...

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