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Psychology 110, Dr. Carver Sample Study Questions for Test 4 4 What’s an attitude? What’s the difference between attitudes and personality ? between an attitude and a belief ? State the 2-component and 3-component definitions of attitudes. On what issue do these definitions disagree, and why? Name 3 ways attitudes can be acquired. Name 3 classes of variables that influence persuasion. Name one variable from each class and state its influence. What are the assumptions of the theory of cognitive dissonance ? What is necessary for dissonance to exist ? What can be done to reduce dissonance? What does it mean to “reduce dissonance”? In this theory, what happens when a person makes a difficult decision? (what goes on before the decision, right after the decision, what happens eventually , and why ?) Why do these processes apply only if the decision was difficult ? How does the theory explain what happens when a person does a counter-attitudinal behavior? (what’s the first thing the person checks for, what’s the eventual result for each answer to that check, and why?) Apply balance theory to attitudes in a 2-element situation. In a 3-element situation, what patterns are balanced and im balanced? What happens when the pattern is imbalanced? What’s the relationship between attitudes and behavior? Which of them influences which? Name 3 reasons for the problems in prediction from attitudes to behavior.
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Study_Questions_Test4 - Psychology 110 Dr Carver Sample...

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