workshop 1 - Workshop on Evidences of evolution(By Dr...

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Workshop on Evidences of evolution ( By Dr. Malancha Sarkar ) Evolution is no longer a hypothesis but is considered---------------. Discuss Recent research indicates that genes involved in male reproduction ( sperm production and morphology) evolve at a faster rate than other genes in primates. Explain why this makes sense, based on natural selection. Explain why extinction is necessary aspect of evolution. What would happen if nothing died and there were no extinction? When we compare amino acid differences to estimate the evolutionary “ distance between organisms, what assumptions are being made about the rate at which mutations occur over time?
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Genes vary in their rate of evolution. Can you find some reasons for this difference in rates of evolution? Imagine you are self designing a hypothetical species. Can you suggest a type of genetic change that could have a drastic effect on the evolution of a species ? First develop a original species and proceed from there. Why do you think that molecular evidence often yields an earlier date for a speciation
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workshop 1 - Workshop on Evidences of evolution(By Dr...

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