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Workshop on Prokaryotes (Malancha Sarkar) 1. Can you guess why do systematic biologists find rRNA sequence data more useful than data on metabolism or cell structure for classifying prokaryotes? 2. There are countless species of prokaryotes. What mechanisms have been at work to generate so many species? 3.Are all known prokaryotic species evolutionarily related?What arguments can you make to justify your answer? 4.. What is lateral gene transfer ? How can it mislead studies about prokaryote phylogeny? 5. What is the justification for assuming that Archaea and Eukarya share a common ancestor that is distinct from bacteria? 6. Differentiate among the members of the following sets of related terms:
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Prokaryote Eukaryote Obligate anaerobe Facultative anaerobe Obligate aerobe photoautotroph photoheterotroph chemoheterotroph Gram positive Gram negative
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