4.6.10 - 4/6/2010 A Prime Time for Learning Children in the...

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4/6/2010 1 PSY 203 T Spring 2010 Dr. Christine Hughes University of Miami A Prime Time for Learning Children in the school years are inquisitive and eager to learn new skills! Piaget’s 3 rd Stage of Cognitive Development Concrete operational thought = ability to reason logically about direct experiences and perceptions Children in this stage become more systematic, objective, and scientific thinkers, BUT only about tangible, visible things Intellectual Development Concrete operational thought active and appropriate use of logic Decentering = the ability to take multiple aspects of a situation into account Logical Principles Classification : organization into groups according to common property Show 5 collies and 2 poodles. Ask, “Are there more collies or dogs ?”
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4/6/2010 2 Identity : certain characteristics of an object remain the same even if other characteristics change Frozen water is still water; a butterfly was once a caterpillar; liquid in smaller glass is the same liquid Reversibility : reversing the process by which something was changed brings the original conditions If 5 + 9 = 14, then 14 - 9 must equal 5! Also, imagine pouring water back in conservation task. Reciprocity is the principle that things may change in opposite ways, and thus balance each other out. A child states that the decreased height in the shorter is balanced out by its increased width Practical Applications The logical principles of concrete operational thought make learning easier and more fun. Children enjoy classifying cities, states, nations, etc. or knowing that a tadpole turns into a frog (identity) Vygotsky believed that culture shapes cognition . Ex: Brazilian street children
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4.6.10 - 4/6/2010 A Prime Time for Learning Children in the...

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