4.13.10 - Theories of Development Child Adolescent...

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4/13/2010 1 PSY 203 T Spring 2010 Dr. Christine Hughes University of Miami Theories of Development Latency is Freud’s term for the middle childhood period, during which emotional drives and psychosocial needs are quiet. This allows the child time to acquire cognitive skills and cultural values. Theories of Development Industry vs. inferiority is Erikson’s 4 th stage of psychosocial crises, in which children see themselves as competent or incompetent. In middle childhood, kids develop a more complex self concept, including more self- criticism and self-consciousness. Responsibilities in Middle Childhood household chores an allowance tell time & keep track of their duties and activities more homework (long-term) responsibility of caring for a pet or younger child The Culture of Children Now view themselves in terms of psychological attributes in addition to their physical attributes. Social comparison Advanced development of self-concept conform to peer standards of clothing and language use media without adult supervision
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4/13/2010 2 Attributions are people’s explanations for the outcomes of their behavior. Weiner proposed a theory of motivation based on attributions… People attempt to determine the causes of their academic success or failure by considering three basic dimensions: 1. whether the cause is internal or external 2. whether the cause is stable or unstable 3. whether the cause is controllable or uncontrollable The Culture of Children Kids learn to negotiate, share, and compromise with peers. t he ―culture of children‖ secret clubs rules for outdoor games clothes worn language used etc. The Culture of Children Peers can have both a positive and negative influence on one another. Immigrant children may rely heavily on peers in
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4.13.10 - Theories of Development Child Adolescent...

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