4.22.10 - 4/22/2010 Physical Development in Adolescence...

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4/22/2010 1 PSY 203 T Spring 2010 Dr. Christine Hughes University of Miami Physical Development in Adolescence Puberty = a period of rapid physical growth and sexual maturation The sequence of physical changes is universal, but the timing varies (typically lasts 3-5 years). Age of onset ranges from 8-15 years Puberty begins Menarche = a girl’s first period Spermarche = a boy’s first ejaculation Hormones Puberty begins with a signal from the hypothalamus pituitary gland adrenal glands & gonads Hormones influence mood and thought but social and cultural reactions to visible body changes also play a roll. Sexual Maturation Primary sex characteristics: Parts of the body directly involved in reproduction Secondary sex characteristics: Not necessary for reproduction Other Physical Features the lymphoid system decrease in size skin gets oilier, sweatier, more acne-prone experience a growth spurt during puberty lungs and heart increase in size. Look how Harry Potter has grown!
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4/22/2010 2 Timing of Puberty Age of onset of puberty depends on: GENDER GENES (ETHNICITY) WEIGHT STRESS Early Maturation Early maturing girls are at higher risk of: Teasing Early sexual activity Eating disorders Early substance use Early maturing boys are at higher risk of: Rebellion Breaking the law However! tend to have a better body image, more self-confidence, & display more social adjustment Late Maturation Late maturation may be difficult for boys, especially in a school in which athletics is valued. Late maturing
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4.22.10 - 4/22/2010 Physical Development in Adolescence...

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