Comm.102 Final Draft

Comm.102 Final Draft - Human Rights Human rights are the...

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Human Rights Human rights are the basic rights for every individual which established many years ago. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which was accepted in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly, is one of the most important documents about the human rights. After the birth of this document, it brought some theories and caused debates about its origin, and also there are still ongoing debates about how it was created, who really influenced the Declaration. Few people believe that human rights are totally a Western concept and the others argue that without the contributions of small countries, or in other words Third World countries, human rights could not be created and become universal. According to the article by Louis Henkin, “Universal Declaration and the U.S. Constitution “(1998), The United States was the most effective actor in the formation of UDHR. Contrary to this idea, Susan Waltz expresses in “Reclaiming and Rebuilding the History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “(2002) that UDHR is not only a Western document, but also it is a negotiated text. Waltz’s claims, examinations and analyses the four popular myths in her article show the fact that there are not only one or few sources in general for the UDHR, but also unknown other important sources. Perhaps the most important event of the twentieth century is the birth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every new and old constitution had contributions in the formation of the UDHR. Almost all new and old constitutions had their own national laws and institutions, “if national laws and institutions were fully effective – there would be no need for international human rights laws and institutions” (Henkin, 1998, p.512).The UDHR was not designed for the constitution consumption; it was designed to 1
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make national laws and institutions more effective and also to improve their effectiveness and quality. Henkin’s (1998) argument is Great Powers mostly inspired the United
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Comm.102 Final Draft - Human Rights Human rights are the...

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