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Chap 4 part 1

Chap 4 part 1 - Geography of Global Village Latin America...

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9/13/2010 1 Geography of Global Village Latin America GEOG 202-507 Learning Objectives Understand Latin America through five themes Understand Latin America’s culture diversity and how colonization has affected it Understand these concepts and models: – Agrarian Reform – Dependency Theory – Maquiladora – Informal Sector – Altiplano – El Niño – Megacities – Mercosur Introduction Setting the boundaries – Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) (north) to Tierra del Fuego (south) – Former colonies of Spain and Portugal (shared colonial history) Large, diverse populations – 17 countries, 540 million people, 75 percent live in cities – Indian and African presence – Bolivia elected first Amerindian president in 2005 Industrialization and development growth since 1960s – Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) – Natural resource extraction remains important
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2 Environment : Latin America FIGURE 4.1 Environmental patterns Highlands (>2,000m elevation) • Andes • Central Mexico + western Central America Lowlands (<2,000m elevation) • Wet: Amazon, Orinoco, Plata Basins; eastern Central America • Dry: southern South America; northeastern Brazil; northern Mexico Western Mountains and Eastern Shields Andes Mountains – Relatively young; 5,000 miles long; 30 peaks over 20K feet; contain valuable metals and minerals – Altiplano: treeless, elevated plain in Peru and Bolivia Uplands of Mexico and Central America – Most major cities and population here – Rich volcanic soils Shields – Large upland plateaus of exposed crystalline rock • Brazilian Shield is the largest; Patagonian Shield in south • Has natural resources and settlement FIGURE 4.10 Guanacos on Patagonian Shield River Basins and Lowlands Amazon Basin – World’s largest river system by volume; second in length; draws from nine countries Plata Basin
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Chap 4 part 1 - Geography of Global Village Latin America...

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