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BILD 3 ORGANISMIC AND EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY COURSE OUTLINE Dr. Joshua Kohn Office Hours: 1258 Muir Biology Mondays, 3-4 pm (or by appointment) 534-8233, email correspondence encouraged, please put BILD 3 in the subject line This course deals with the living world at the levels of whole organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems. It is designed to introduce students to the history and diversity of life on earth, and the fields of evolution, systematics, ecology and behavior. A major focus of the course will be on the evolutionary, ecological, and historical processes that have shaped life on earth. Knowledge of these processes is essential for understanding biology in general, and provides the tools for management of the earth’s biota into the future. PREREQUISITES: The recommended prerequisite for the course is Biology 1 or a good high school course in biology. The course assumes that you know Mendelian genetics, mitosis and meiosis, and the basics of molecular biology — the transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA and then to proteins . If you don’t have a command of these topics, you will be at a disadvantage unless you do some extra reading in Units 1 and 3 of the text. LECTURES : TuTh 9:30 to 10:50, Price Theater COURSE TEXT : Biology (Eigth Edition), by Campbell and Reece, Benjamin-Cummings, 2008. We will cover material from units Four, Five, Seven (Chapt. 51) and Eight of the text . ENROLLMENT : The class is overenrolled and you may be on the waiting list. I am told, but cannot guarantee, that the first 50 or so people on the waiting list will eventually get in. If you drop the class, please do so using WebReg right away so that somebody can take your place. WEB SITE: Enrolled and waitlisted students should have access to the course website at /. What is on the web site? The slides for each class, arranged by lecture, will be available by 10:00 pm the evening before each lecture. These files will be in black and white .pdf format with three or six slides per page and can be printed out to help you follow the lecture while you take notes on them or on another page. I cannot upload the powerpoint files directly as they are too large. If you are having trouble downloading a file it is usually because it is too large for your connection. Either wait it out or download when you are on campus with a better connection, Before exams, sample questions will be posted on the website. Your grades for quizzes and exams will all be posted on the website. Announcements related to the course will be posted in the header of site homepage. Check the site often for announcements and other changes ! Finally, a discussion board that allows you to post questions and view answers is available –the TAs will monitor the board daily, but if you want to ask Dr. Kohn a question ( this is encouraged ) please do so by emailing him directly ( ) with “BILD 3” in the subject line of your email. Dr. Kohn will not monitor the discussion board on WebCT.
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