Review Sheet #1 - Calculate the heat in Joules: 5. Give an...

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CHEM 101 - Fall 2010 Answers to Review Sheet Exam 1 1. Classify each of the following as an element, compound, homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture: a) The ink in a pen – homogeneous mixture b) New iron cast pans- element c) Air – homogeneous mixture d) A box full of “Legos”- heterogeneous mixture 2. The roof in your lab partner’s house has a leak. He/she puts a 5.0 gal bucket to collect the water from this leak. The water leaks at a rate of 50 drops per minute. How many buckets of water can be filled if the leak drips for 7 days? (20 drops = 1 mL) 3. A lead weight has a mass of 0.427 lb. The density of lead is 11.34 g/cm 3 . Calculate the volume of this lead weight in units of cubic feet (ft 3 ). 4. How much heat in kilocalories is required to change the temperature of an iron bar from 45.0°F to 89.0°F? The mass of this iron bar is 20.0 lbs. The specific heat of iron is 0.449 J/g°C First change the Fahrenheit temperatures to °C: Change the pounds to grams:
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the heat in Joules: 5. Give an example of each of the following (provide the name or symbol): a) An alkali in the third period sodium (Na) b) A chalcogen in the fourth period selenium (Se) c) A neutral element with 34 electrons selenium (Se) d) A metalloid in family number 15- arsenic (As) or antimony (Sb) e) An actinide uranium (U) or any element in that row 6. Complete the following table. All atoms are neutral except for the second one. Element name # protons # electrons #neutrons Isotope symbol nickel 28 28 30 calcium 20 18 20 silver 47 47 61 phosphorus 15 15 16 7. Classify as ionic or molecular. Give the name of each compound: a) SeO molecular selenium monoxide b) CaI 2 ionic- calcium iodide c) LiF ionic- lithium fluoride d) NH 3 molecular nitrogen trihydride or ammonia 8. Provide the formula of the ionic compound formed between Mn 4+ and a selenium ion. MnSe 2...
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Review Sheet #1 - Calculate the heat in Joules: 5. Give an...

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