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race in marketing nov 10 - inent. This led to mixed color...

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Amit Aggarwal November 10, 2010 Race in Marketing In Margaret Hunters’ S “L IGHT , B RIGHT , AND A LMOST W HITE ,” she discusses the history Europeans, Mexicans, and African Americans. It than goes into detail about the advantages of having light skin. One is considered to be more Eurocentric if he is to have a lighter skin tone. At the same time this is considered a disadvantage because it takes away from their ethnic back- grounds and their ethnic identity. One’s skin tone might even affect how intelligent others view them to be. The makeup industry tries to make people lighter. So this implies that makeup companies are sending out the message that a lighter skin tones correlates to beauty. The also talked about how white male individuals would rape African American females when slavery was still prom-
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Unformatted text preview: inent. This led to mixed color skin tone. Lighter people were held on a higher scale. One of the more unique things I thought I read was not being “black enough.” It is hypo-critical and it is due to ignorance. Our society has placed too much significance on one’s skin color in relation to what their race is. The problem with this is that even though skin color and race are related, they are still separate. Our generation has made a correlation so that when a in-dividual of a certain race does not have the common skin color for that race, it becomes a prob-lem for those in our society who have linked them together....
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