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Messer 1 Gabrielle Messer Composition 111-05 and 08 Fall 2010 Dr. Chandler An Unusual Pet When walking into a pet store in search for a wonderful new pet many people will be instantly intrigued on setting their eyes on a chinchilla. The chinchilla, much larger than a guinea pig or hamster, has an incredibly soft rounded body, large perked ears, and bright eyes. The first touch of a chinchilla will be immediately seducing. It’s exquisite fur, once used to produce coats, makes the animal the softest in the world. Like me, some people will buy this pet solely on it’s appearance which may be a mistake. To begin, chinchillas are exotic pets, meaning that this animal is not native to America, generally lives in the wild, and is not a common pet (Handford 2003). Chinchillas are rare house pets that many people care and love for. But without knowing and understanding their strange living conditions such as they can live to be twenty, an unaware person is liable to mistreat this unusual gift from nature. An appropriate and proper cage for your new chinchilla will be the first thing to make your chinchilla relaxed in it’s new environment. A large, multi-tiered cage is a must because of the chinchilla’s body type. After settling your chinchilla into it’s new home you will notice that chinchillas are philopatric, meaning that providing it with an acceptable cage, the chinchilla will love it’s home and surroundings (Vanderlip 2006). The large cage might seem a little unnecessary in comparison to your chinchilla’s body size but chinchillas have long back legs
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English Comp 1 - Chinchilla Paper - Messer 1 Gabrielle...

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