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BCH 451 Summer 2001 Exam #3 Draw the predominate structure of the following molecules at the pH indicated. Be sure to include all carbon and hydrogen atoms! (3) -D-ribulufuranosyl (26) -D-mannopyranose @ pH 9.5 (3) 2-lenolenoyl phosphatidyl inositol @ pH = 3.5 (3) pdUppA @ pH = 8.1 (1) Give the full name for sucrose: Puzzler (2) Draw the structure of -D-fructofuranose 2,6 bis phosphate For mRNA (0.5) give its full and complete name: (0.5) give its approximate size in terms of a range of bases (1.5) give a complete description of its location(s) and function(s) within the cell, including any modifications. (0.5 ea.) List and describe the advantages of a polysaccharide over a simple sugar: (1) What is a reducing end of a polysaccharide? (2) What is remarkable about the membranes within a mammalian cell? For MAPK, PKA, and PKC, (0.2 ea) What do the abbreviations stand for? MAPK = PKA = PKC = (2) How are they similar and how are they different? (3) Describe the process of annealing: [What are the factors which influence the process? How is it different from
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8 - http:/www4.ncsu.edu/~knopp/BCH451/e01b3.htm BCH 451...

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