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BCH 451 Summer 2007 Exam #3 NAME 1. Draw the predominate structures of the following molecules at the pH indicated. Be sure to include all carbon and hydrogen atoms! a. (1.5) IP 3 @ pH = 9 b. (4) A = 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl phosphatidyl choline; B = 1-stearoyl-2-linolenoyl phosphatityl ethanolamine @ pH = 7. c. (5) E = ppdUppA; D = pdCpGpp @ pH = 7 2. Multiple choice: Circle the ONE BEST answer. The point values for each answer ranges from -0.3 to +0.9. If you circle more than one answer, you will not get any points for that question. a. Palindrome sequences contain an even number of bases because i. There is a complementary strand ii. You can not divide odd numbers by two and get an integer iii. It is not possible to cut both strands if it were an odd number of bases iv. DNA contains two strands v. You can’t fool me, there are some which contain an odd number b. In order for a G-protein to become active, it must i. Lose a phosphate group ii. Gain a phosphate group iii.
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22 - http:/www4.ncsu.edu/~knopp/BCH451/e07b3.htm BCH 451...

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