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BCH 451 Spring 2009 Exam #3 NAME 1. (2) Why are proteins so important to biological membranes? 2. Draw the predominate structures of the following molecules at the pH indicated. Be sure to include all carbon and hydrogen atoms! a. (3) A = β-D-mannopyranose (1-4) - α-D-fructofuranose; @ pH = 7 B = β-D-ribopyranose (1-4) - α-D-ribulofuranose; @ pH = 7 C = β-D-galactopyranose (1-4) - α-D-xylulofuranose @ pH = 7 b. (3) G = 1-stearoyl-2-palmitoleoyl phosphatidyl choline H = 1-arachidoyl-2-oleoyl phosphatidyl serine I = 1-pamitoyl-2-linolenoyl phosphatidyl inositol c. (3) All structures have purines in anti and pyrimidines in syn confomation: J = ppdApTpp; K = pGppddUpp; L = pppGpdCp 3. (2) In your dinucleotide structure above, draw the complementary base only [no sugar or phosphates] and show the hydrogen bonds of the Watson-Crick base pair as dotted lines. 4. (2) PUZZLER I argued during lecture that the nucleic acid bases should be able to hydrogen bond with water to
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