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EXAM 3 NAME____________________________ IUPUI Physics 219 Part I – Multiple Choice Questions Directions: Circle for the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Unless otherwise stated, assume ideal conditions (no air resistance, uniform gravity, etc.) 1) Nearsightedness is corrected with: (A) a diverging lens (B) a converging lens (C) a lens that does not bend light (D) cannot be corrected with a simple lens 2) A very near sided person will buy glasses which give them a far point of: (A) at ∞. (B) at 25 cm. (C) less than 25 cm. (D) between 25 cm and ∞. 3) Which of the following correctly describes an image of magnification of -0.5 formed by a single concave or convex lens? (A) virtual, upright (B) virtual, inverted (C) real, inverted (D) real, upright 4) As viewed from earth a spacecraft traveling close to the speed of light (in the z direction) has an observed width (in the y direction) of 100 m. How wide (in the y direction) is the ship for the crew of that ship? a) less 100 m b) 100 m exactly c) more than 100 m d) no length e) infinite length 5) Unpolarized light enters a polarizer orientated vertically. At what angle from vertical should a 2 nd polarizer be set to get the minimum amount of light to exit from the 2 nd polarizer? (A) 0 degrees (B) 30 degrees (C) 45 degrees (D) 60 degrees (E) 90 degrees 6) A light ray is incident at angle θ 1 > 0° into a medium of higher index. Its angle of refraction (A) is greater than θ 1 . (B) is less than θ 1 . (C) equals θ 1 . (D) equals 0° exactly. 7) A crew traveling on a spacecraft which is traveling near the speed of light measure a travel time to some star of 10 years. How much time passes for the earth? A) no time B) the earth travels back in time C) 10 years exactly D) more than 10 years E) less than 10 years 8) Unpolarized light is shined through a polarizer which makes an angle of 30 degrees from the vertical. If the intensity of light going into the polarizer is 1 W/m
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practiceexam3solns - EXAM 3 NAME IUPUI Physics 219...

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