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OLS 274 Quiz 13

OLS 274 Quiz 13 - Supervision Today Chapter 13(6th Ed...

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Supervision Today Chapter 13 + (6th Ed.) Points Possible 10 Points Earned 10 Points Missed 0 Points Ungraded 0 Score 100.0% Response: _ 1. Injuries sustained by continuous and repetitive movements of a body part, are referred to as a(n) _______________. A. musculoskeletal disorders B. carpal tunnel syndrome C. repetitive stress injury D. accidental discharge Response: C Answer: C Points: 1 / 1 2. Safety should be part of an organization's culture and __________________ must show its commitment to safety by providing resources to purchase safety devices and maintaining equipment. A. Top management B. Middle management C. Supervisory management D. the Board of Directors Response: A Answer: A Points: 1 / 1 3. (T/F) When considering symptoms of stress, we know that high stress levels result in changes in metabolism, increased heart and breathing rates, increased blood pressure, headaches, and increased risk of heart attacks. Response: TRUE Answer: TRUE Points: 1 / 1 4. (T/F) The significance of the billions of dollars in lost wages and production that are
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Supervision Today Chapter 13 + (6th Ed.)
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  • Repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, TRUE Points

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