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Hellenistic Greece lecture notes - Hellenistic Greece After...

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Hellenistic Greece After the Peloponnesian war Sparta wins Sets up an oligarchy in Athens that was known as the 30 tyrants After a year Athens overthrows the oligarchy Athens is having economic troubles Spartans decide to attack Persia Persians form an offensive in which they finance an attack on Sparta by Athens and other Greek polises The southern area of Greece is weekend by civil war From 400 BC on the entire Greek world is weakened The rise of Macedonia Macedonia Area to the north of Greece Related to the Greeks but not Greek Survive by small scale farming Raid neighbors No cities Athenians control the coastline and few cities that exist Speak a dialect of Greek Appear as backwater
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Are not respected by more developed areas Hereditary monarchy During golden age cities begin to appear, urbanization occurs Begin to adopt Greek customs including some of the gods so that they would be able to participate in the Olympics Stay out of the Greek wars Are still filled with anarchy and fighting In 359 Phillip of Macedon becomes king of Macedonia Phillip of Macedonia Kills rivals Defeats warring tribes Shares plunder from these victories with the nobility Helps to bring peace between nobles and monarchy Is very politically skilled Consolidates power By 350BC all of Macedonia is under his control and he begins to look outward to the rest of Greece Athenians and Greeks had been ignoring what was happening in Macedonia Demostines is an Athenian orator who recognizes the threat from Macedonia and tries to organize a resistance Resistance fails Macedonians slowly take over Athenian controlled areas of Macedonia and begin to look south
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Hellenistic Greece lecture notes - Hellenistic Greece After...

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