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Test 3-1 - Test 3 [email protected] Persecution Martyr...

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Test 3 – [email protected] Persecution Martyr Baptism Sacraments The eucharist Domus ecclesia Perpetua Tetrarchy Many Romans were not pleased at all with Christianity. Because of this we begin to see persecution against Christians. Part of this was because who they were following, Jesus. In the imperial world, for Romans crucifixion was a way to kill people who weren’t Roman citizens being put to death, and the cross becomes an important religious symbol. Something we don’t see in early Christian artwork is the crucifixion, that doesn’t become popular until several hundred years later, around the year 500. Another reason Christianity was so unpopular with the Romans was that it was a monotheistic religion, so people converting to Christianity can no longer worship or recognize any other gods, like the traditional Roman ones. Something the Christians are doing that really bugs the Romans is that they are trying to convert Romans. Something else the Romans didn’t like about Christianity was that everyone was welcome into the religion, men, women, the rich, the poor, and the middle class. Everyone in Christianity worshiped together. But most importantly this was a radical break from the customs of the ancestors and mas miourum . Only once is there an imperial wide persecution of the Christians, for the most part persecution of Christians is a local thing, in some areas the Roman governors go after it, it others they don’t. The legal way Romans went after Christians has to do with the imperial cult, which means worshiping the living emperor as a god. One thing Christians refused to do was sacrifice at the altar of the imperial cult. The problem with the imperial cult was that it not only had a religious component, but it had a political component also. If you refuse to worship the imperial cult, it can be labeled as treason. In most cases it is the Christians blatantly refusing to do things that gets them into trouble, the governors didn’t so much go after them, but the Christians refused to participate in many things of the roman world. The word Martyr at this time means witness in Greek. The martyrs, people who died for Christianity end up have a special status. In those places where Roman governors really go after Christians, oddly, those are places where Christianity spreads the fastest. Most of the Christians who are arrested are of low status, and are non citizens. The story of Perpetua, she was a young Roman woman, part of a noble family who lived in 204, in Carthage. At this time Carthage is a Roman city, she was the first of her family to convert to Christianity. She is part of a demonstration in front of a Roman governor, and she is arrested with 7 other slaves. She is dragged before the Roman governor, and they are told we will let you go if you come up to this alter and sacrifice to the emperor, and they all say no and are thrown back in jail. Perpetua takes a journal of what went on in jail. Her father comes to jail begging her to do the sacrifice, but she refuses. Perpetua is
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used in a Roman show, and Perpetua is trampled by a mad cow in an animal show. The
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Test 3-1 - Test 3 [email protected] Persecution Martyr...

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