Psyc disorders

2 panicdisorderanxietythatisnottriggeredbyany

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Unformatted text preview: bia: Enclosed spaces Cynophobia: Dogs Entomophobia: Insects Gamophobia: Marriage Gephyrophobia: Crossing a bridge Hematophobia: Blood Kenophobia: Empty rooms Melissophobia: Bees Ophdophobia: Snakes Xenophobia: Strangers Major Psychological Disorders Con’t Major Psychological Disorders 1. 2. Panic disorder ­ Anxiety that is not triggered by any identifiable stimulus and last from a few seconds to several hours Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) – Experience long term persistent anxiety Major Psychological Disorders Con’t Major Psychological Disorders Obsessive­Compulsive disorder Obsession ­ A persistent, unwanted thought or idea that keeps recurring Compulsion ­ Urge to repeatedly carry out some behavior that seems strange and unreasonable, even to the individual who experiences them Causes of Anxiety Disorders: Causes of Anxiety Disorders: Biological Factors There appears to be a genetic disposition Identical twins vs. nonidentical twin studies Most disorders appear to run in families An autonomic nervous system that is oversensitive to stress Abno...
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