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Keszler 1 Britani Keszler February 18, 2008 English 102 Rhetorical Essay Society’s Clueless Opinion Stereotypes of women are on constant display throughout the media, whether they are on television, magazines or movies. These stereotypes have developed into overly dramatized traits ranging from shopping, shoes, and the need to gossip. While most of these labels hold to be untrue, they are still placed upon women as something to be desired as well as expectations to live up to. Today the media emphasizes, in teenage girls especially, the love for shopping, shoes, sensitivity and being concerned with personal body image. Director and screen writer Amy Heckerling used her knowledge of women’s stereotypes to compose the witty comedy Clueless which exaggerates the labels society places on teenage girls. Throughout the film, cruel stereotypes of girls are constantly being represented through satire. In the film Clueless , director Amy Heckerling uses the three common girl stereotypes of dumb blonde, the love of shopping and girls being bad drivers to present Cher as the over dramatized version of society’s stereotypical teenage girl and further shows how society often glorifies these offensive labels. While blonde is a distinct hair color for women, it is also society’s constant label for being unintelligent. In Clueless, Cher is a young, white, blonde girl from Beverly Hills, California. She embodies what society assumes to be true about blondes being associated as brainless. Society often correlates blonde girls to not knowing any literature or authors at all,
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Keszler 2 even famous ones such as Shakespeare. A brunette girl in college quotes “It’s just like Hamlet said, to thy own self be true”; Cher snaps back and replies “Hamlet didn't say that” while the girl says, “I think I remember Hamlet accurately”, (Cher) “Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn't say that. That Polonius guy did”. Cher’s character purposely says this about Shakespeare’s famous character Polonius due to the mere fact that she is a blonde teenage girl, while the brunette is posed as the smart one. The negative image of a blonde girl and lack of knowledge go hand in hand in regards to society standards. When on a date with her friend Christian, he asks Cher if she likes the singer Billie Holliday; Cher responds by saying “I love him”. Cher shows that in the eyes of society, blonde girls are stereotyped into having no comprehension for classic music. Heckerling intentionally has the boy appear smarter than the
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engESSAY1 - Keszler 1 Britani Keszler English 102...

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