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John Unverzagt Classics 222 Essay #1 retype Hope in Hesiod In Hesiod’s Theogony , Pandora is sent to humanity as a punishment for Prometheus’ stealing fire from Zeus. She is the source of all women. Pandora also brought with her the gifts from the gods in a jar ( Works and Days 80-83). Although she was warned not to open the jar, Pandora opened it and released all gifts from the gods except for hope. Because all of the Olympians donated to the effort, every conceivable means of redemption or escape is cut off because hope still remains in the jar, never to be released in accordance with Zeus’ divine will. Zeus’ intention was to present men with an incredible source of temptation. If one were to give in to this temptation, he must contend with the nature for women to do evil. On the other hand, the man who avoids marriage will live a long life, but he will be lonely and all of his possessions will be divided amongst his remaining family ( Theogony 600-615). This presents a dilemma for men. They must choose between long lives as single men, or being married and forced to contend with women’s nature to do evil. By his references to women’s nature being evil, Hesiod can also be referencing the potential danger of a woman’s reproductive powers. Because women present such a temptation to men with their own physical attraction, they can also be seen as a danger to men. If they are able to attract men, they can use this attraction to manipulate
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CL222 essay 1 retype - John Unverzagt Classics 222 Essay #1...

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