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Teaching as a Way to Give Back to the Community My name is David Fields and I intend to enroll in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program in Integrated Social Studies starting Summer Quarter of 2011. I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio and the son of an ironworker and a registered nurse. Ever since I gave up my ambitions to be the next great super hero I have wanted to be a teacher. History and politics have always been my passion and those who have been there to teach me about them have been my idols. I can look back and remember how I was positive that my second grade teacher Mrs. Bunnell knew where every country in the world was and everything that was in it. She knew more about the world than anyone else, and I wanted to learn it all. As I got older I came to realize that maybe Mrs. Bunnell could not name every island in the South Pacific, but she knew how to do something even better. She knew how to get a seven year old boy to stop looking out the window and care about his lessons. She is just one example of the amazing teachers that have helped me to get where I am today. One contribution I would like to make as an educator is to spread a message of civic duty to my students. Young and low income voters continue to stay home on Election Day in ever increasing numbers and their lackadaisical view of politics only harms themselves. In the last election only eight percent of voters under 30 voted in Ohio, and this will have lasting effects on the policy decisions their representatives make. I would want to go beyond the dates and the bold words and try and teach my students how to go out in the world collect the information they need, and how to objectively interpret that information. From there these knowledgeable sensible students would hopefully grow up to
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be knowledgeable sensible voters. Those who are more politically knowledgeable have been
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davidsletter[1] - Teaching as a Way to Give Back to the...

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