Health Journal - I felt different today due to the fact...

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08/27/2010 I felt different today due to the fact that I am from an area where we are sitting at sea level. Mansfield is definitely not at sea level so I have to get sued to a different atmospheric pressure. I started to have a runny nose today due to the different climate as well. I started to take a single allergy pill every 6 hours and it seems to help me out a great deal. I am starting to do stretches in the morning to help me with my CP so I don’t have such stiff muscles. 08/30/2010 Today is the first day of me using my wheelchair so I can make it around campus with little damage to my body. I have to be careful with my body because I break down my muscles, nerves, and tendons with greater ease. I am trying to eat more protein so I can build up my muscles in my arms. I feel that I need more muscles so I am not sore at the end of the day from pushing myself around. I started to let the warm water of the shower flow down my back so my muscles with become loose for the long day ahead. I believe if I walk a little bit every day then my legs will stay the way they are and not wither away before my eyes. 09/01/2010 Today was a day that I was not looking forward to. I have class at 8:30 a.m. and I am not done till 8:20 p.m. . I started the day by letting the water run down my back in the shower so my back muscles do not stiffen up as easy. I know that my muscles will stiffen up by the end of the day but I still like to do this so my mind can be at ease. I am having some soreness in my arms due to the amount of pushing I do every day. I like pushing it just takes a lot of work for me to do it on a daily basis. 09/03/2010 Today I woke up and my aches and stiffness went away during the night but was replaced with pain. I started to feel severe pain in my lower left hand region of my lumbar. It was very hard for me to go to school this day but I knew that I had to so I pushed through the day. This day was just bad all around because I broke my special wheelchair. I had to call my father and had to ask him to ship me a part for my wheelchair and we found out it was $145 for the part. That made dad a little angry. I went to my room and heated up my rice bag so it can heat up my muscles and let me massage out the pain in my back. 09/05/2010 I am glad that today I woke up and the pain in my back was much less than it was during the week. I woke up and did my normal routine in the shower by letting the water run down my back till I feel my muscles loosen up. I feel my muscles loosen due to the tightness of all of my muscles. After I got out of the shower I noticed that I had a couple bad bruises on my side and I
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had no idea where they came from. I did my normal procedure of checking my body for more bruises. I have to check to make sue that I have not broken any blood vessels. 09/06/2010
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Health Journal - I felt different today due to the fact...

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