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ANH 2995 Dr. Clark Health Journal The purpose of this activity is to better understand our cultural beliefs and assumptions about sickness and health by logging our thoughts and behaviors. This is a challenging exercise, since we must view our cultural beliefs as partial truths —notions that may or may not correspond to reality, but which are woven into social fabric of our society. Doing so will allow us to see the cultural assumptions underlying our existence, ideas which shape our understanding of the body as well as illness and health. Toward this purpose you are asked to keep a detailed health journal at least three times a week. Each entry should be no shorter than 100 words and include details on several types of health occurrences. You should record events such as 1) sickness or feelings of sickness. For example, you experience a stuffed up nose and productive cough, or perhaps sore muscles after a workout. What actions do you perform in order to get better?
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