Interview with Jay for my Self

Interview with Jay for my Self - That is just a way for me...

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Interview with Jay for my Self-Ethnography Paper for Medical Anthropology 1. How would you describe cerebral palsy without looking it up? I would describe it as a disability that limits a person from doing a certain function 2. How did you and those close to you talk about the causes and course of the illness? We never really talked about the cause because after I knew what CP was I just accepted it and it was never brought up again. MY friends and I and their parents would talk and we would get ideas on what to do for me. The biggest people that helped me were my parents. They talked with doctors and got other ideas and many different ideas on what to do. The person that they found that wasmost important was Doctor Chester Sharps. 3. What were others' reactions to your illness or condition? MY reactions very on the day really due to the effects it has on your mentality. I can be happy about it one day and not happy at all another. I will admit that I have a lot of meltdowns and I seclude myself or take it out on myself with cutting or burning myself.
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Unformatted text preview: That is just a way for me to get over the pain of having to deal with this disability. 4. Did you experience any "folk" remedies? I never tried any folk remedies but I had prayer a lot from the Taylor family growing up though 5. Describe being bedridden or going to the doctor or hospital. Bedridden is nothing more that not being able to get out of bed except to use the bathroom. Someone has to wait on you hand and foot and I never liked that idea at all. I don’t like being served to but if my brother was ever sick I would check on him every 2 hours to make sure he was okay. 6. What treatments were you given? I was given a lot of surgeries and I had to do Physical therapy as well 7. Did anyone suggest a certain treatment regimen or way to avoid getting sick in the future? No all they said was to keep your vitamins up and do as much exercise as you can 8. Did anyone attempt to enlist supernatural aid (i.e. prayer) to assist you in getting better? Yes Prayer from the Taylor family...
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Interview with Jay for my Self - That is just a way for me...

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