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Jay Gordon 11/1/2010 Med. Anthro. Physically challenged is a term that I define as the inability of a person’s body to perform basic physical movement in a normal fashion. This term has many different personal definitions and the official definition is having a physical disability or impairment, especially one that limits mobility. ("Free Dictionary") This can affect many different areas or limbs of the body. Some areas that can be affected the arm, hand, leg, foot, or the whole body. There have been so many advances in medicine and technology that can prevent becoming physically challenged and can help the person with being physically challenged. Throughout the world there are roughly 100 million people that are physically challenged ("World Health Organization via Wikipedia") Being physically challenged can be very different; one person can have a leg missing while another person can have their leg but they have a harder time getting around than the person without a leg. The severity of being disabled can also be different; it can range from very moderate to very severe. One example that comes to mind is how different people with Cerebral Palsy are from each another. I am a case of moderate Cerebral Palsy. I am able to move around and do most of what is considered normal in today’s society. There are some people in the world that have very severe Cerebral Palsy who are unable to speak or move. There have been so many advances in technology that help these people get around in the world today. There are wheelchairs that stand up for people that are severely physically challenged and unable to stand up on their own. ("Levo of the experts in standing") This wheelchair helped these patients by improving blood flow, giving them the opportunity to stand up. Blood flow is better
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when you are standing up than when you are sitting down. ("Whiteley Clinic")Blood flow is very
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paper - Jay Gordon 11/1/2010 Med. Anthro. Physically...

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