TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.quiz_3 - ambi-ana-angul-ante...

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BI 1110 - ZOOLOGY DR. MARIS WORD LISTS FOR TERMINOLOGY QUIZ #3 SIZE, SHAPE, COMPARISON, DEGREE POSITION AND DIRECTION -acu- -agglom- -angusti- -brev- -cle convol- -cusp- -cycl-o, -cycle -ellum -et, -ette -eu- -eury-, -eurys- -form- -forn- -fus-i -glob- -grand- -heter-o -hom-o, -home-o -hy-o hyp-, hyper- hyp-o -icle -idium, -idion -il ile- -iole, -ium -isk, -iscus -let -loc-, -loca-, locus -long- -macr-o -magn- major man- maxim- medi-, mid- -mei- minor-, minus- -morph-o -ne-o -norm- -oblig- -oid, -ode, -odo- -ole, -iole olig-o -optim- -orth-o -penia -phil-, -philous -phob-, -phobia -phore- -platy-, -platys- -poikil-o -pseudo- -quasi- re- -rect- -stal-, -sten-o sub-, sus- super-, supra- -system- -ule, -ula
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a-, ab-, abs- ad-, af-, ag-
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Unformatted text preview: ambi-ana--angul-ante-, anter-ap-o-apic--aut-o cata--caud-o, -cauda--centri-, -centrum--cephal--circ-, -circa-, -circum--clad-i co-com-, con-, col--constrict--converg--cran-, -crani--dextr-o dia-, dien--dist--diverg--divert--dors-, -dorsi-e-, ec-, ef-, eff-, ex-ecto-en-, em-endo-, ento-epi-ex-o, ec-, ect-o, e-ext-, extra--fund--furc--infer-infra-inter-intra-ipsi--juxta--lat-, -later--mes-o, mesi--my--neutr-ob--omni-, -omnis--opisth-o-opp-o para-per-, perm-peri--peripher-post-, poster-pre-pro-pros--proxim--radi-retro--sagitt--sinistr--stigm--strict-superfici-sym-, syn-tel-, tele-trans-ultra--ventr-...
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2010 for the course ANTHROP[OL 1101 taught by Professor Marris during the Spring '10 term at Averett Unversity.

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TERMINOLOGY.BI_1110.quiz_3 - ambi-ana-angul-ante...

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