LECTURE QUIZ #1 - BI 1110 -- LECTURE QUIZ #1 (15 pts;...

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Unformatted text preview: BI 1110 -- LECTURE QUIZ #1 (15 pts; maximum 17 pts with bonus) SECTION A: QUESTIONS 1-15 (9 pts; Questions 1-14 = ½ pt each; 15A,B = 1 pt each) 1. First and Last Name (including any nickname or preferred name – if different from first name). Jay Gordon 2. Lecture Seat Number #11 3. I.D. Number 0409684 4. Major and Advisor Cell/molecular tract (Pre Med) 5. Hometown and High School attended; if a transfer student – list universities attended. Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester High School 6. Any medical conditions I should be aware of. I have a very rare form of Cerebral Palsy it’s specific name is Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. I know some about Genetics and I know that my form of HSP is usually a handed down trait but in my case it was spontaneous. HSP limits my ability to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time. If I do stand for a long time my legs start to ache and they become very weak and start to shake. 7. Extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, music,…) (actual and/or planned) A. High School I was in national Honor Society, Band, and BETA club B. University none yet 7. Place of employment – on-campus or off-campus I was working at Dominos in my home town before I came to Mansfield 8. Hobbies or interests I love to work on cars and play video games as well. I own a 1985 el camino with a 305 motor....
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LECTURE QUIZ #1 - BI 1110 -- LECTURE QUIZ #1 (15 pts;...

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