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zoology exam #1 study guide

zoology exam #1 study guide - Definitions 1 Zoology The...

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Definitions 1. Zoology- The study of animals 2. Evolution- Change over time 3. Adaptations- Structures or process that increase an organisms potential to successfully reproduce in a specified environment. 4. Galapagos Islands- archipelago on the equator in the Pacific Ocean 900 Km off of Ecuador. It is where Charles Darwin went to study evolution. 5. Charles Darwin- Father of Organic Evolution and natural evolution. He was born on February 12, 1809. 6. Adaptive radiation- Evolutionary change that results in the formation of a number of new characteristics from an ancestral form, usually in response to the opening of new habitat. 7. Speciation- Process by which two or more species form from a single ancestral stock. People 1. Thales- discovered water was most important material, life originated from water. 2. Anaximander- Aperion: ethereal substance of life. Intermixtures- earth, water, air, fire 3. Xenophanes- student of Pythagoras and showed the importance of fossils in evolution 4. Empedocies- Theory of the Four Humors (air, earth, water, fire) 5. Hippocrates- Father of medicine and created the Hippocratic Oath 6. Aristotle- Father of Natural History, 1 st Scientist: used inductive reasoning 7. Galen- Human anatomy based on animal dissections
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8. Vesalius- Father of Modern anatomy and disproved “human” anatomy of Galen 9. Harvey- Father of Physiology and studied blood circulation 10. Darow- Defense attorney in the Scopes Trial. He was a man that wanted what was right no matter how big or small the case was. He took a chase that entailed a young boy who had received a 15 dollar harness and the creditors wanted to take it back due to the fact that it was not paid for. 11. Ralston- Judge at the Scopes Trial. Ralston was credited with "acting according to his lights as well as his prejudices. 12. Scopes- The man that was set up to take the fall for teaching evolution in the state of
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zoology exam #1 study guide - Definitions 1 Zoology The...

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