Final Lab Report - Abstract The experiments were designed...

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Abstract The experiments were designed to test our ability on how to use the scientific method. We measured and weighed sea urchins and lamp shells. Then we determined what was inside of our black boxes. Lastly we determined if the breaths of fishes is directly affected by the temperature of the water surrounding it. Introduction The scientific method was used during this experiment to teach us how to use it properly. The steps that are included in the scientific method are listed as such observation, problem, hypothesis, experiment, theory, and lastly law. (Maris,2010) These three experiments were conducted to see how well we could measure, calculate math equations, use the scientific method, and collect data. Most of the information that we collected was known due to the fact that the data was all at random. My partner and I had to determine through experimentations what was inside the black box. Materials and Methods A. Measurements 1. A 10 inch long flexible metric ruler 2. Top loading balance 3. Petri dish B. Black boxes 1. 2 boxes 2. Top loading balance 3. Objects in both boxes C. Fish Respiration 1. Goldfish 2. Beaker 3. Aquarium water 4. Ice 5. Thermometer
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Results The results of the measurement experiment were inclusive to my theory that the heavier the sea urchin the wider it would be. The lengths varied and were all over the place. (Table 1.0) There did not seem to be a pattern of how wide the sea urchins would be. (Figure 1.0) The data collected for the lampshells was like the data from the sea urchins. The width had no correlation
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Final Lab Report - Abstract The experiments were designed...

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