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Quantitative #2 - and virulence Virulence is how much...

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Biologists have entered a new era where they need quantitative solutions to large-sale solutions and complex problems. A crucial piece to this new era is the advances in the field of mathematics. The scientists focus primarily on the environmental sciences like ecology and evolution. Through their examples there are 3 common threads or areas that coincide with one another. First is that mathematics is known for nonlinear models that are deterministic. Second is that scientists need to develop new methods on how to deduce information from biological data sets. Third and last is that much more work is needed to characterize variability across scales of time and space. Diseases like cholera emerge as out breaks and outbreaks are rated on incidence
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Unformatted text preview: and virulence. Virulence is how much damage the disease does to a population. Scientists have determined the cholera is evolving quicker than they thought due to the same factors that drive pathogens. This theory the trade-off theory has been proven to throw other ideas of evolution out the window. It shows that we need better methods of getting data. This way we can make a better conclusion from our experiments. Times are changing around us and we are standing still while it does. We need to move on with the times and make the world of tomorrow a better place....
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