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G - gland-an acorn-glen-o cavity socket...

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DICTIONARY - G ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -galax-, -galact-o milk -gam-, -gamet- marriage, union, spouse -gangli- knot, small cyst, swelling -gastr-o, -gaster- stomach, belly of muscle -ge-o, -geo- earth -gemin- twin-born -gen-o-, gener- producing, origin, beginning, descent, race, birth -ger-, -geront- old person, old age -gest-a to carry, to bear -geu- to taste -gingiv- the gums
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Unformatted text preview: gland-an acorn-glen-o cavity, socket, eyeball-glia-glue-glob-sphere, all-glom-a ball-gloss-, -glott-tongue, language-gluc-o, -glycer-sweet, sugar-glut-buttock, rump-gnath-jaw-gram a record, something written-grand-large-graph-to write-gravi-, -gravid-heavy, pregnant-greg-flock-gul-throat-gust-taste-gyn-o, -gynec-a woman, female...
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