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DICTIONARY - Q ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -quadr- four, to make square -quant- how much -quart- fourth -quartern- by fours -quasi- nearly, almost -quint- fifth DICTIONARY - R ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -radi- a spoke, ray, radiating re- again, back, to act again -rect- straight -ren- kidney -rept-, -reptil- creep, crawl -respir- breathing, to breathe
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Unformatted text preview: -reti-net, network, latticed retro-backward, behind-rhe-, -rheum-to flow, current-rhin-nose-rhod-red, a rose-rib-o currant-rod-to gnaw-rostr-beak, snout-rrhaphy sew, suture-rrhea, -rrhag-flow, discharge-rub-, -rubr-red-rudiment-first beginning, uniformed-rug-a wrinkle, fold-rumin-chew, to chew the cud...
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