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T - a touch-thorac thorax a breastplate chest-thromb-o a...

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DICTIONARY - T ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS -tach-, -tachy- swift, fast -tact-, -tang- touch -tang- to touch -tax-o arrangement, order, rank -taxis ordered movement -tech- techniques -teg-, -tectum- a covering, roof tel-, tele- end, completion, distant, far -tem setting in order -ten-, -tend-, -tends- stretch, extend -ter means of, place of -terr-, -terra- the earth, land -territor- domain -terti-, -ter- three times, third test a tile, shell -tetr-, -tetra- four -text- weave -thanat- death -the-, -thes- to put, to place, setting in order -theor- to look at -therap- nurse, care -therm-o heat, warm
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Unformatted text preview: a touch-thorac-, thorax a breastplate, chest-thromb-o a clot or lump-tic, -stic pertaining to the process of-tics study of, science of-tion process of, action of-toc-birth-tom-, -tomy to cut, section, cutting-ton-, -tonis-condition of ROOT / PREFIX / SUFFIX USUALLY MEANS-tox-i a poison trans-across, through, beyond-trauma-wound tri-three-trich-o hair-tripsy crushing-troch-o wheel, disk-trop-, -tropy to turn, to change-troph-o, -trophy nutrition, to feed-tum-to swell-tunic-a cloak or covering-ty state or condition of being-typ-form...
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