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Cancer Patient Information Sheet Checkpoint Wanda Rid dick December 1,2010 University of Phoenix Bobbie LeBianc Breast cancer is a cancer that begins from the cells of the breast .Breast Cancer is mainly found in women but then again some men can also get breast cancer. When you look at a the life of a person women and every 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with having breast cancer. The risk factor that cannot be change would be include age and the gender as one get older then the chance of getting breast cancer will get higher. But women are more than likely to get breast cancer quicker than a man would be to getting breast cancer. The family history would be that it is greater risk for breast cancer if some one that was older has it or had it then it could be pass down .Some people just produce cancer cells that will cause breast cancer. The women that have a menstrual cycle at an early age or go through menopause would be at a more higher risk to getting breast cancer. There is a test that can be done on a women to see if she have breast cancer and that test is call an
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