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Google Earth EC Assignment1

Google Earth EC Assignment1 - Extra Credit Google Earth...

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Extra Credit Google Earth Instructions and Questions: Complete this assignment submit via email. Google Earth is free software that you download onto your computer. You will see a 3D view of the planet Earth that you can explore. The images are collaborated satellite pictures. You may even be able to see your own house! Click on the link below then follow the Google-Earth web site instructions. http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html After successfully downloading Google Earth, answer the following questions; North America Under Places, click on Grand Canyon . This should label the Grand Canyon on the map. Zoom in and explore the canyon for a while. Be sure to tilt your view to truly appreciate this wonder. o Look carefully at the rocks that make up the canyon, do you see vertical or horizontal layers? o Account for the layering (look up bedding in the text book) Go to coordinates 46° 11’ 58.56”N 122° 11’ 12.23”W o What famous volcano do you see? o
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