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mcoxstats final - ADM 515 Statistics Final There are 10...

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ADM 515 Statistics Final 1 2 3 Outline the 5 step p method in hypothesis testing. 4 Provide the null and alternative hypthosis to determine if the production line is operating properly. There are 10 questions/problems. Points are as shown. You may use your book the digital drop box and please be cogent and please clearly mark your answer other student. All work MUST be shown on the appropriate worksheet; Link cell on the specific worksheet that contains the answer. Remember that your appropriate worksheet for full credit. A random sample of 35 days taken at a large hospital shows that an average of 44 patients was treated in the emergency room per day. The standard deviation of the population is 6. Find the 99% confidence interval of the mean number of ER patients treated each day at the hospital. Using the same information as in question 1 above, if the director wishes to estimate the mean number of admissions per 24-hour period to within 1 admission with 99% reliability, what size sample should she choose? The five steps involved in the hypothesis testing are 1. Stating the research question. 2. Specify the null and alternative hypotheses. 3. Calculate test statistic. 4. Compute Probability of Test Statistic Or Rejection Region 5. State conclusions. The production line that packages boxes of raisins at a snack food manufacturer will be conisdered o average weight of the boxes of raisin is 3.5 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. A rando showed an average weight of 3.30 ounces. Answer questions 4 and 5 based upon this information.
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The Z test assumes that the sample is randomly selected and parent population has a norm 5 State the value of the correct rejection region for alpha = 0.05. State the value of the correct rejection region for alpha = 0.01. 6 ` H0: Average weight of the boxes of raisin = 3.5 ounces H1:Average weight of the boxes of raisin ≠3.5 ounces What additional assumption is needed before we can perform a test to determine whether the produc properly? What should be the correct decision and conclusion when testing to determine if the production line is operating properly by allowing a 10% probability of committing a Type 1 error? A machine used for packaging seedless golden raisins is set so that ther standard deviation in the weight of raisins packged per box is 0.25 ounce. The operations manager wishes to test the machine setting and selects a sample of 30 consecutive raisin packges filled during the production process. Their weights are as recorded on the worksheet.
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