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Research Methodology 1 INTRODUCTION Identification of a suitable topic and selection of a suitable problem is in many ways the most difficult and important task. A thorough knowledge of a particular subject is needed. If the plan is good, the research goes on well. This is summed up by E. J. Huth (1982), Editor of the 'Annals of Internal Medicine' as, "The probability that a paper with a clear image will emerge from research is determined more by how the research was conceived and planned than by how well the paper is written. A clear question must be posed before the research is planned, the design of the research plan must be adequate, and the data must be properly collected and appropriately analysed." Selection of a topic for research is different from assignments in an undergraduate class. Here the student is assigned a particular topic to write about. He gets some &dance in the form of a suggested reading list. Such an assignment does not require original research. It is usually seen only by the student and the teacher and is not in a library for public scrutiny. The teacher writes comments on the paper for the benefit of the student. It is relatively a personal document. It is part of teaching. A thesis normally represents the culmination of a substantial piece of original work over a period of two or three years. Some research replicates previous research work with the object of testing the relevance of the findings in a different environment or circumstance. Usually research builds on existing studies in order to follow up new leads or to refine or to qualify the results of earlier studies. In other words the thesis is expected to make an original contribution to knowledge. Therefore the thesis once accepted is placed in the library of the
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