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Research Methodology RESEARCH PROCESS INTRODUCTION The various events or milestones that a research scholar has to pass through before reaching the final goal are organised in the research pro ram in such a way that at the end of the program, in addition to making definite contributions to the advancement of knowledge, the personality of the research scholar is enhanced considerably in the areas such as clarity of thoughts, understanding and analysing a given problem, generation of methodologies to solve new problems, inference from given set of facts, Organisation, interpretation and presentation of data, information and results of investigation, communication skills etc. This document presents in brief the sequence of the various events from the point of view of role of the research scholar in the research process. For the purpose of the document, the research process in Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is adopted here in. FORMATION OF GENERAL TEST COMMITTEE (GTC) / DOCTORAL COMMITTEE (DC) After a Research Scholar (RS) joins the department, she/he has to decide about the area of research and guide. After having discussions with all the faculty members in respective specialisations (BT/GT/HY/ST/TR), the RS decides on the topic of research and the guide. Selection of guide is done primarily based on the topic in which the RS has interest to carry out research work and the faculty member who is specialized in that topic and also has interest to guide in the topic. It is possible that in some cases, depending on the nature of the topic (such as inter- disciplinary topic) there can be two guides. Then a General Test Committee (GTC - for MS scholar) / Doctoral Committee (DC - for PhD scholar) is constituted for each research scholar. The Head of the Department (HOD) is the Chairman of the committee. The HOD, with the help of research guide proposes a panel of members from which the GTC/DC is constituted by the Dean (Academic Re- search). The composition of the committee is: General Test Committee Doctoral Committee Head of the Department - Chairman Head of the Department - Chairman Dean (Academic Research)- Member Research Guide(s)- Member(s) Research Giude(s) - Member(s) One faculty from the Parent Two faculties from the Parent department- department – One faculty Two faculties from from allied departments. allied departments. REGISTRATION / COURSES The research process of Ph.D. or M.S. program formally starts with registration and is done in the first meeting of the DC/GTC. Ofcourse, the research scholar has to start thinking on the research program well in advance of the registration meeting of the DC/GTC. The research scholar in consultation with the guide prepares and submits to the DC/GTC, a brief research proposal (of about two to three pages), where the focus is made on the overall objective and goal of the research program, and what course of action methods, experiments etc. (if possible) he/she proposes to do to achieve the goal. The RS is expected to present to the
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