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Focus on the sources of law�

Focus on the sources of law� - Focus on the sources...

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Focus on the sources of law… Be familiar with the federal judicial system and federal subject matter jurisdiction Trial Process Summons and complaint Question on discovery—EBT;s interogatories Jury selection process 2 or 3 questions on mediation and arbitration commerce clause, intergovernmental regulation question in order to regulate interstate commerce --- 2 or 3 questions 1 st amendment--- question on any area but focus on defamation, obsenity, and corporate and commercial speech and bone up on submersive speech and fighting words Contract- a binding agreement between two or more parties Why is it binding- because they want to make it enforceable so if a party does not meet expectations, they can seek remedies in court What makes it binding--- consideration- the legally bargained for exchange that makes the agreement concrete Laws can impose remedies to make you whole because you had a reasonable contract if expectations are not met 5 key elements in order to have a valid enforceable agreement 1) Offer 2) Acceptance 3) Capacity (competency) 4) Consideration 5) Must serce some lawful purpose a. Can not violate any aspect of public policy How does a contract take formation? Unilateral and Bilateral
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Unilateral- invitation by the offertor to the offeree to perform a particular act or refrain from one There is no formal acceptance by the offeree but the full complete performance by the offeree that constitutes acceptance and full execution of that contract. Bilateral contract Involves an exchange and mutuality of promises. Detrimental of promises. Has to be a formal acceptance.
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