Relative,Absolute and Mixed Location

Relative,Absolute and Mixed Location - Fill, Auto Fill Fill...

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Fill, Auto Fill Fill Handle allows you to fill ordered data. Jan Wed Fill Handle Move cursor t lower right corner of the active cell Feb Thu Fill Series Cursor becomes a thin plus like Mar Fri Apr Sat Now drag it in the same column or row May Sun See the effect of filling F1, G1, H1, I1 in the same colu Jun Mon Jul Tue Aug Wed Sep Thu Relative and If you have monthly sales in units for 12 months of 2003 in 12 rows of a column Absolute each unit costs $85. To compute monthly sales Addressing notice the number of formulas we need to type. Jan Very Very Of course, we are lazy and we don't want to type all of that up. Feb Important Using fill handle, we can copy formula in i13 into other cells Mar and Excel is smart enough to update the Apr addresses to h14, h15, h16, …. May This addressing (h13, h14, ….) is called relative addressing Jun If h13 is copied down, it becomes h14, h15, h16, … If it is copied across the addresses in next columns are i13, j13, k13, …. We may not want enter price of the product ($85) into the formula. The price m the affected formulas. Let us put price ($85) in L25 and enter the formula =h13*l25 Jan If this formula is copied down, it become =h14*l26. Feb But price is not in L26. We want H13 to be incremented but Mar Apr Instead of L25, type $l$25. and copy down, up, left or right May and it remains $L$25 referring to L25. Jun Multiple Selection: If same operation is needed on multiple cells, rows, columns or on entire works can select them all at once and do the needed operation with one command. To select contiguous cells you can click on one cell and hold it down and drag c to other cells. To select every cell in a worksheet, click on the rectange above row 1 and left o If cells are not next to each other you can press down on click or SHFT CTRL and choose other cells. SHFT gives a rectangula region and CTRL gives you in If you press on A, B, C, … the column numbers, you select entire column If you press on 1, 2, 3, 4, …. The row numbers, you selct entire row. To select whole worksheet press on the unlabeled rectangle left of "A" and abo For no apparent reason color contents of columns B Naming Ranges You can name a cell, a range or a group of cells by a name rather than cell add To name a cell, range or group of cells, first select them and enter the name in don't forget to "ENTER" after name is typed. So the Addresses like H13, AV458 are Relative addresses. If the L25 to stay put. Absolute addressing does just that.
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To see all the names you already used, press on drop down arrow next t name Names cannot have spaces and they cannot start with numbers or other specia Test if you can give exact same name in different wo Print Area Set and clear print areas for printing part of the worksheet. You can do this in s If the contents do not fit in one page gray dashed lines apprear to show what w Borders 1) You can get precise borders with borders toolbar. View, toolbars, borders wi 2) For basic border decisions you can use "Borders" button. Quick Formatting
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Relative,Absolute and Mixed Location - Fill, Auto Fill Fill...

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