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Essays Man 110 - development costs and speeds up time to...

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Quality is free means that the appraisal and prevention costs are usually less then the rest of repairing defects or waste, repairing a reputational of shaddy products(service). A company that produces high-quality output can usually change a high price and or command greater market share, thereby maximizing products. Question 3 CAD= Computer Aided Design. CAM= Computer Aided Manufacturing CAE= Computer Aided Engineering Technology can improve operations by modeling and testing products in a virtual reality, allowing to flush out most potential flows without the expense and spending of time and resources building live models and products. Technology increases reliability, reduces
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Unformatted text preview: development costs and speeds up time to market. Question… Porters Competitive Forces Model Question What is TQM. Describe the 5 principles 1) Customer Oriented 2) Managements involvement and leadership 3) Continuous Quality improvement 4) Responsibility of every employee 5) Standard of zero-defects Briefly Describe feasibility, reliability, maintainability and usability Feasibility- does the technology; market and costs allow the provision of product, service or process? Reliability: Probability that a product will perform its intended function for a specific period of time. Maintainability: ease of repair and maintenance Usability: Ease of use...
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  • Computer-aided design, greater market share, Aided Engineering Technology, Aided Manufacturing CAE=, Porters Competitive Forces, Question… Porters Competitive

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