E-Commerce - E-Commerce

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E-COMMERCE WHAT IS E-COMMERCE? E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. E-Commerce means to carryout financial and business dealings using Internet. A person can deal with his customers throughout the world. People can buy and sell good on Internet. Even payments can be made using Credit Card numbers etc. The trend of E-Commerce is rapidly becoming popular. ROLE OF E-COMMERCE The role of e-commerce in daily life is becoming very important. E-commerce can be used in the following ways: 1. Online Education Online education is becoming very popular. Different types of interactive tutorials are available on the Internet. The students can browse these online books and tutorials or can download them after purchasing. Some websites provide online lectures for the students. 2. Electronic Banking Many banks are now introducing electronic banking. Using your computer, you can connect to the bank’s computer system via the Internet and control your daily financial dealing from home. It reduces the staff and building of banks. Many customers pay their bills from their bank accounts using this facility. 3. Electronic Shopping It has become very easy for the people to shop from home using Internet. Different manufacturers present their products on the Internet. People can browse the website, place an order and even make a payment using credit card. It has made shopping very easy.
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E-Commerce - E-Commerce

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