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http://www.alltucsonproperties.com/4509903_64353-8885-Fillmore-Road-Tucson-AZ-RES_Detail.aspx Details on MLS#21030058 http://www.alltucsonproperties.com/3393333_64353-2534-Blanton-Tucson-AZ-RES_Detail.aspx Details on MLS#21024347 CHECK OUT THIS KITCHEN 
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.alltucsonproperties.com/5792196_0-8001-18th-Place-Tucson-AZ-RES_Detail.aspx SOLAR POWERED!!!! http://www.alltucsonproperties.com/2909786_0-8434-Eli-Street-Tucson-AZ-RES_Detail.aspx Details on MLS#21020101...
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