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Academic Honesty (Autosaved)

Academic Honesty (Autosaved) - Academic Honesty 1 Academic...

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Academic Honesty Lamia Rodio University of Phoenix Academic Honesty 1
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Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty became a serious matter for schools, instructors and students. “ Research consistently show that a significant number of students cheat in college” (Grijalva Therese C, Nowell Clifford, Kerkvliet Joe, 2006). Even though going to college requires paper writing and assignments it is important for students to be conscience of the rules, regulations, and guide lines of academic honesty. By keeping an academic honesty, students would obviously show honesty and integrity further in life. Plagiarism Definition Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and submits it as theirs without citation or paraphrasing. Students commit such action out of laziness, not having enough time to submit their work or even looking to receive better grade. According to McMahon (2009) some students commit plagiarism to impress or look smarter “…all instance of academic dishonesty are attempts to appear clever, more knowledgeable, more skillful, or more industrious than one really is”. Plagiarism consists of duplicating or purchasing an assignment, the use of a cheat paper on the test besides copying to the letter another person’s work. Academic dishonesty could happen unintentionally as well, it happens when a student omits to paraphrase or cite the source. However plagiarism continues to be inacceptable.
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Academic Honesty (Autosaved) - Academic Honesty 1 Academic...

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