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history study guide

history study guide - 1.Differences between Native...

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1.Differences between Native Americans and settlers: Native Americans had defined roles for men and women, Native Americans disagreed with Europeans, Europeans disagreed with Native Americans, European society different (laws, government), European animals were better 2.Jamestown Settlement: colonists focused on survival, tobacco (John Rolfe),death trap for a lot of illnesses, John Smith kept Indian war from happening 3.Puritans: American acceptionism from Puritans, God given right to govern everyone else, Had the half-way covenant, which was designed to keep people in Massachusetts, They brought in whole families to settle 4.Quakers: Delaware valley, Pacifists, Did not care about gender or race, They embraced Native American life 5.King Phillips War ( Metacoms War): colonists fighting over Native Americans, First instance of American identity because they won without natives, War didn’t end quicker because King Phillip kept his people there 6. Salem Witch Trials: 2 dozen people claimed innocence but they were executed,Teenage girls started rumors,Ended when governors wife was accused
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