BSC 2010 - Understand what is meant by the octet rule...

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BSC 2010 Test #1 Review- updated for Spring '10 The test will consist of 50 multiple choice test. Be sure to review your textbook reading assignments, course notes and online quizzes. The following list is not meant to be the entire test but will guide you to make sure you have the major points. Chapter 1 Know what characteristics distinguish living organisms from non-living Know the hierarchical order of life. Know the order and definition for each Understand natural selection and how it can occur Know the definitions of unicellular, multicellular, autotroph and heterotroph Know the basic difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Understand the cell theory Understand the steps of the scientific method Understand what a control is and its use in experimentation Chapter 2 Know the 3 main parts of the atom, their charge and mass Understand what particle determines the reactivity of the atom Know the definition of atomic number, atomic weight, isotope
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Unformatted text preview: Understand what is meant by the octet rule Understand the concept of electronegativity and polar and non-polar atoms Know the different types of bonds and what is happening to the electrons in each Chapter 3 Know the four major types of molecules and their basic building blocks. Understand what dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis is Know the chemical formulas for the basic functional groups Know what an isomer is Know the four structures of a protein Know the four major categories of carbohydrates Know how carbohydrates are stored in animals and plants Know the different types of lipids (fats, oils, phospholipids) Know the difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids Know the different nucleic acids and their basic structure and the differences between the two. Know the complementary base pair for each of the nucleotides...
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BSC 2010 - Understand what is meant by the octet rule...

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